How it works?

For Creators

How it works

1. Promote your Work

As a registered artist on The Source, your work will become available for search by our partnering brands & agencies, worldwide!

2. Receive & Discuss Brief

Receive creative briefs from world leading brands & agencies! Review and discuss the briefs directly through the platform (schedule, budget, process, deliveries, etc).

3. Accept or Decline

It is up to you to accept or decline a proposal! 

4. Validate Your Ideas

In order to ensure fluid collaboration and creative workflow, use our “pre-project” stage to have your work validated by your client, prior to production (via storyboards, notes, references, etc).

5. Produce Content

Production is facilitated with our easy-to-use workflow tool! Production duration, as always, will vary per client & your agreements with them.

6. Get Paid

Get paid immediately after client validation of your delivered creation! Your invoice & contract will be automatically generated, while your rights & credits are carefully managed by us!  

How it works?

For Brand/Agencies

1. Find the perfect creator(s)

Discover best-in-class mobile & social content creators on The Source! With over 1 thousand carefully selected creator portfolios and thousands of their inspiring content available for search, finding the perfect creator to produce your next project has never been so easy! Plus, our search engine tool makes it easy to filter for exactly the type of creator you are looking for.

2. Invite to collaborate

Invite creators to collaborate (one to one) by completing a templated brief. The creators, once agreed on the NDA, will gain access to your proposed brief, automatically.

3. Discuss the terms & prepay

You can discuss all the terms of the collaboration with the creator (budget, rights, process…). Once you agree on these with the creator, you will be asked to make a full deposit payment for the creator. The Source will hold the deposit in escrow and shall only release it to the creator upon your validation of the contents.

4. Prescreen your content

In order to ensure fluid collaboration and creative workflow, The Source has provided you with a “pre-project” validation section, allowing for you to validate the creators work prior to production (via storyboards, notes, references…). Once validated, the creator is on to production!

5. Content production

Production is facilitated with our easy-to-use software! Production duration, however, will vary per creative and your agreements with them.

6. Get your content & rights

Once you have validated the content, the creator will provides you with the HD files. You will also receive an automatically generated invoice and rights note, and payment released to the creator.